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Note: most photos are signed with an invisible watermark. This allowes the reproduction of copyright information even out of modified and printed pictures.

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Licensing images

Photographs can be purchased as single images, with price based on file size. Once purchased, the images may be used as many times as you'd like, in as many ways as you'd like. Restriction: You are not allowed to resell images.

For a specific, clearly defined use. The price is determined by the scope of that use: The more substantial the intended use of the photo, the higher the fee. The image may not be used in any way other than agreed to and invoiced for.


Distributing licensed images

The preferred way to distribute images is digitally by any means. We send out CDs, operate an ftp server and use e-mail for smaller images. The file format and compression rate is up to you.
You can also order duplicates from pictures taken on transparencies.



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