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To enter the Africa gallery just click on one of the left hand side tabs. In each gallery you will find up to 12 thumbnails. Click on these thumbnails to get an enlarged, full-color picture.

The red areas in the map below show where most of the photos were taken. The numbers show my favorite places for   wildlife spotting.

  1. Etosha pan
  2. Kalahari desert
  3. Namib desert
  4. Okavango delta
  5. Chobe
  6. Serengeti
    Ngorngoro crater
  7. Lake Manyara


Want to get in close contact with african animals? My favorite place in Namibia is Harnas. A click on the banner opens their web site. If you want to adopt an animal I  promise that Harnas is a good place to spend your money!

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