Welcome to naturephoto.net, the home of Helmut Weiss photography. Displayed on these pages is a small selection of my favourite pieces from my photo library.

Yet another photography website? No, come in and see the difference! There are travel, nature and wildlife photos from exotic locations all over the world. All wildlife pictures are taken in the animalsí natural habitat, with the exception of a rare few animals living in captivity (which are mentioned). I do not claim to have the biggest repertoire of photos, but many visitors have told me that I do have one of the best collections around.

So do start here and enjoy your journey!

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Icelandic impressions.
Look forward to see Glaciers, Puffins, Geysirs and much more


The images from Europe and Nothern Africa, especially from Sahara desert and Egypt are on delay. It may take another few weeks until I find time to publish them - sorry!


Upcomming trips:

  • Nepal (no mountaineering, but looking for rare Rhinos)
  • Java / Bali / Lombok, Indonesia (Iíve been there before. Itís always worth comming back to those islands)
  • Namibia / Bhotswana / Zambia
  • Tanzania (Serengeti... again)

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